Managed I.T. Services

Why wait for something to break down? Let us proactively monitor and maintain your computer systems to prevent problems from occurring in the first place! We can be your I.T. department, or work with your existing I.T. department in a co-managed relationship.

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Comprehensive technology services

Imagine not having to worry about technology issues that create obstacles to your business productivity and profitability. A partnership with SignalCircuit is like having us as an extension of your staff. Our goals are naturally aligned with your goals ‐ when your operations are running smoothly, we are both succeeding!

The traditional help desk is reactive ‐ that is ‐ you contact them when a problem occurs, they fix it, and that is the extent of your relationship to them. SignalCircuit is best thought of as a dedicated help desk that is also proactive. You can certainly call us anytime you have a problem, but with one of our managed service plans, we also monitor and address situations before they become a problem in the first place.

We also maintain your technology environment. When major software or firmware upgrades are available for your network equipment, we professionally test and evaluate these updates in a lab environment before deploying them to live customer equipment. This is so you can be assured of smooth upgrades that keep your environment secure and in optimal health.

Continuous backups

Sleep better at night, knowing that all of your important data is being securely backed up. We offer fully managed backups and disaster recovery. Back up your entire organization's individual computers, servers, and storage appliances.

We believe in the 3-2-1 rule for backups. This means you have three backups of your data - two onsite backups on two different devices, and an offsite backup managed by us.

Fast recovery time is critically important, and recovery from an onsite backup will get your business back online the fastest with the least amount of downtime. Recovery from an offsite backup takes significantly more time and should be done only as a last resort. But having that additional offsite backup brings peace of mind, because it ensures that your business can be recovered even in the worst of circumstances when everything fails.

Remote monitoring and support

Many problems can be solved without requiring an on-site visit. Let us remotely connect and assist you with computer issues over the phone, saving you time!

For larger issues that cannot be fixed remotely, such as outages, our technicians will report to your location promptly to get your office back online and productive as quickly as possible.

Our service plans include infrastructure monitoring. We continously monitor the status of backups, antimalware scans, and your network. If the unexpected happens, we are the first to know about it and can respond immediately.

Strategic planning and consulting

To us, I.T. is much more than simply "keeping the lights on" - it's about long term strategy and growth. With SignalCircuit on your team, you have access to nearly two decades of hands-on experience and research within easy reach.

Together, we will construct a long-term technology roadmap that will enable you to reach your unique business goals. We don't want to simply keep things running as they are, we want your business to grow and thrive!

To keep things on track, we will meet with you every quarter at a time most convenient for you. During the quarterly review, we will discuss your progress and any new developments that can be further leveraged to reach your end goals.

Flat rate support plans

An in-house I.T. department can be very expensive. That's why SignalCircuit support plans are priced at a flat rate based on your staff count. We also offer special rates for K-12 schools and organizations that primarily operate by shift workers sharing the same workstations.

Three different plans are available, designed to fit different needs. Your flat monthly rate fully covers standard day-to-day help desk calls, as well as outages. Hourly billing would only apply to large projects that require significant technician time, and even then, a preferred VIP rate would apply.

The bottom line is that a support plan is much more cost effective than paying expensive hourly rates and travel time for typical tech support needs, and less expensive than hiring in-house I.T. staff. You will save money over the long run, and your business will grow. Reach out to us today for more details!

Are managed I.T. services right for your business?

Are you still unsure if working with a managed service provider may be the right fit for your organization? Reach out today for a free virtual consultation to identify your technology and business goals!