Cybersecurity Assessments

You can never be too careful when it comes to cybersecurity. Let us give your network a checkup to ensure the essentials are in place to protect your business.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Many businesses rely solely on free antivirus products to protect them, or have no cybersecurity protection whatsoever.

At SignalCircuit, we deploy only the best enterprise-grade endpoint protection software that can be centrally monitored by us as well as your existing I.T. staff.

Get the best cybersecurity insurance premiums

When you apply for insurance, you'll often need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire. There will be several questions about the cybersecurity measures currently in place.

If you can't tick all or most of the boxes on the questionnaire, your premiums will be higher, or you may be refused coverage altogether.

We recommend that you do not fill this questionnaire out yourself. SignalCircuit can ensure the compliance requirements of the questionnaire are in place so that you can get the best premiums.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a must in this day and age. Choosing a strong password is a good first start, but that's no longer enough by itself to prevent a security breach.

MFA takes this a step further by requiring an additional factor about your identity. For instance, your password is something you know, while your cell phone is something you have. By requiring both something you know and something you have, a stolen password is useless to a hacker.

Your organization's security is our top priority at SignalCircuit. We ensure that MFA is properly deployed and configured for all of the applications and services we manage for our customers.

Fight back against ransomware

The key to preventing the fallout from ransomware attacks is to have all company data properly backed up. Firewalls and quality antimalware software can prevent attacks from occuring in the first place, but even the best cybersecurity products are never perfect 100% of the time.

With proper backups in place, ransomware attacks are less of a threat. Your computers and data can be quickly restored without needing to pay the ransom! By the way - paying the ransom doesn't guarantee you'll get your data back anyway, so backups are critically important.

We continuously back up all computers and servers, and remotely monitor the status of these backups, so that ransomware is one less thing you need to be worried about.

Cybersecurity as a multi-pronged strategy

We've covered the importance of backups, antimalware, and multi-factor authentication. But there are many more dimensions to cybersecurity that need to be continuously enforced and kept up to date with the evolving security landscape.

Many organizations have additional security needs that go beyond just having the essentials. For instance:

  • Industries like finance and healthcare often mandate the use of full disk encryption
  • Businesses that make heavy use of cloud services need conditional access rules in place to prevent logging in at inappropriate times or from unknown locations
  • Many businesses also need advanced spam filters that go above and beyond the range of a traditional junk mail filter

We can go on all day listing examples, but we think we've made our point - leave the cybersecurity details to us. We'll assess your environment and put together a plan to address your cybersecurity needs from every angle.

Are cybersecurity services right for your business?

Don't take any chances with your organization's cybersecurity. A single breach incident can cause irreparable harm to your business. An organization's trust and reputation, once gone, are virtually impossible to gain back.

Every technology environment requires a unique multifaceted cybersecurity strategy, with each dimension involving specific expertise and tools.

Even if your staff are all fully tech-saavy and knowledgeable in cybersecurity, keeping up to date with trends in this rapidly accelerating security climate while also staying on top of your business ambitions is extremely difficult. Why not leave it to experts who professionally install and manage technology all day long?