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Uniquely Engaging Course Structure
Bigger Brains courses are built in a unique “Teacher/Learner” style, featuring two people on camera to recreate some of the interactivity and physiological benefits of classroom training, including dialogue, humor, and practical use case examples. This Uniquely Engaging™ video-based format is more enjoyable and more effective than traditional eLearning formats. Most Bigger Brains courses include handouts, practice files, and quiz-like knowledge checks. Some include free post-training reinforcement through the BrainBot learning retention app.

Each Course is Designed To Engage The Mind. Each Course Segment is Meticulously Composed To Deliver Valuable Content In Precisely the Right Sequence
We search to identify the finest instructors for each course - recognized experts in their field. Our selection process ensures that instructors will provide content in a way that is engaging, practical, and immediately accessible. After a single 10-minute segment, a learner will walk away with valuable skills that will improve performance.

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